At Synexus SA we execute clinical studies for Pharma, biotechnology companies and CRO’s.

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We either use our own dedicated research centres (DRC’s) or affiliated sites. We believe that hub sites offer an excellent platform for access to large numbers of patients due to pro-active recruitment of significant numbers of patients and the conduct of a clinical trial.

Synexus in South Africa now has four sites. In Pretoria, in adjoining buildings, there is a state of the art Dedicated Research Centre as well as an in-patient facility, which recruits and runs a wide variety of Phase II and III clinical trials. Central operations for South Africa are also sited here.

At Stanza, in Mamelodi East just outside Pretoria, Synexus has another Dedicated Research Centre adjacent to the local government primary care clinic which is ideal for patient outreach.In Somerset West (Cape Metropole), there is another Dedicated Research Centre which also recruits and runs a wide variety of Phase II and III clinical trials. This group of research centres gives access to a patient pool of more than 4.5 million and a wider reach of therapy offerings including infectious diseases and conducting studies in paediatric groups.In addition, Synexus in South Africa works with several Partner and Affiliated Sites throughout the country.

We offer added value and a wide range of services including an enviable patient population for the clinical execution of studies. The entire Synexus SA team invests in the success of your clinical trial. Working with us is about partnerships that benefit everyone.We are flexible in our services, can react quickly, and offer superior value and high quality work.

“Because we are different, we can make a difference”

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